Ticket Giveaway | Margo Price

Ticket Giveaways are as much our favorite as they are yours.

Now’s your chance to win 2 tickets to the Margo Price show at Belly Up Tavern on Friday March 2nd. 

Go on Instagram to enter! Like and mention the friend you want to bring. Each tag counts.  

2 tickets, a tote, and that picture. Tag or didn’t happen!

Pocket Hole | Saturday Jan. 27th

Upcoming Live Show with a Trio of Local Bands

ft. Pocket Hole with Daytrip and Bad Kids

Pocket Hole rolling rock band with Ryan on the guitar, Jin on the bass, and Ian on the drums. Can’t be upset with this hole in your pocket.

DAYTRIP power pop band out of San Diego. They promise to make you dance and show up to work the next day.

Bad Kids garage pop band out of IB. Take a look out of that “California Window”.

Get hometown groovy with us!

Big Bloom and Palomino | Saturday Dec. 2nd!

More Live Shows Coming Your Way!


Big Bloom lounge-grunge fronted by Katie Howard and inspired by the likes of Bikini Kill, Cherry Glazzer, Sharkmuffin, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks.

Palomino called pure-whiskey soaked honky-tonk. Delivers an era long gone, but not forgotten. Inspired by Wynn Stewart, Ralph Mooney, Bob Morris, Buck Owens, Roy Nichols, Johnny and Jonie Mosby.


Come have a listen with us!